Successful Athletes know that Peak Performance is 20% physical and 80% Mental Conditioning!

Our difference? We install the perfect mindset from the inside rather than try to change you from the outside! We help you get the mental toughness, the perfect mindset, required to be the best whether you are a high school, college, professional, or weekend athlete.  Perfecting your mental game will take you to the next level, make you stand out from the crowd, make you get more from every workout, whether you play golf, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, bowling, run, lift weights, or any other athletic activity.


Why perform at 100% when you can do more?

Mental training in the sports world isn’t new, it’s been recorded in use since the 50’s. Guided Imagery, or Visualization, has been a common tool used by coaches, trainers, and mentors around the globe for over 5 decades. Research has shown that mental rehearsal is as effective as physical practice!

The mental skills required to succeed are the same regardless of the sport you participate in. Guided imagery and visualization, the core of mental conditioning for athletes, have been widely used by many well-known athletes in every sport...

Mary Lou Retton (gymnast) - used visualization to block pain in her foot and won an Olympic Gold Medal

golf-83876_1920Tiger Woods (golfer) – started using hypnosis at age 13 to help him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course

Jack Nicklaus (golfer) – Elite top champion used it to improve his golf, for better eye, ball, mind coordination

Jimmy Connors (tennis pro) – Used visualization techniques to practice his winning serve and tennis strokes prior to important tournaments

Shaquille O’Neal (basketball) – Excellent basketball player used imagery and visualization with the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant for better aim energy and skill

football1920Michael Jordan (basketball) – Probably the best basketball player of all time. He used self-hypnosis on his team the Chicago Bulls

Rod Carew (baseball) – This baseball player used visualization to make him one of the best players ever

Bill Buckner (baseball) – World famous top pro baseball player with many titles and credits used hypnosis to win

Jimmy Connors (tennis) – Jimmy took advantage of its power and won 148 titles and 8 grand slams

tennis-player-676315Andre Agassi (tennis) – The famous tennis player used it to win 17 gold masters. Energy, control, focus, strength and power all harnessed with the power of his mind

Kattie LussierKattie Lussier (Free Diving) - A World Champion Free Diver, Kattie used techniques that her coach taught her to achieve a personal best performance that led to the Canadian Free Diving Team winning the World Cup.  Later when she was learning how to teach others her coach revealed that the techniques were self-hypnosis.  She later went on to become a certified hypnotist to help pass her knowledge onto others that she trains.

You might have a coach for your chosen sport that trains you physically; technique, form and all sorts of other physical aspects of your field. Do you have a mental coach or mentor? That person who helps you overcome the mental hurdles, who helps you get into the right mindset when it’s time to focus? That person that hones your mental toughness and takes you to the next level by creating a synergy between your mind and body?





Introducing the Next Generation,

The Elite Inner Athlete Training Programs: 

Whatever your sport Whatever your sport... Whatever your level... We help you excel!


Our programs are available for teams and individuals in any sport, at any level from amateur, to high school,  to professional.  They consist of three levels of mental conditioning: BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD. We also offer a PLATINUM package that provides season-long support.  

We go beyond visualization and guided imagery by using the latest techniques to bring your mental and physical skills to their peak.

BRONZE: Mental Conditioning

Constant Confidence

Motivation and Intensity

Focus and Elimination of Distractions

Access and Maintain the FLOW STATE

SILVER: Mind Body Connection


Mentalization and Visualization

Body Awareness


Injury and Pain Management

GOLD: The Inner Athlete


Expand Vision and Enhance Awareness

Deep Flow Identification

Role Model Skill Integration

PLATINUM: Season Long

GOLD + Season Long Support Contract

A Client Review...
Whether we are discussing academic performance, sports, or life, the mental game is becoming more and more important to the success of our young people.  Often times, we know we need to build our mental strength, but we don't know how to do it.  If I want to get faster, I sprint.  If I want to get stronger, I lift weights.  But, even if I know I need to build my mental game, how do I do it?


That's where The Elite Inner Athlete Training System came in for us.  With this system in place, we believe our Program has a chance to continue reaching new heights.  The Elite Inner Athlete Training System Team of Andrew and Roland began by laying out a very comprehensive plan for our coaching staff.  They explained the system in detail and listened to and answered our coaching staff's questions.   From there, they walked our guys through the system and taught us how to simply implement it's ideas and philosophies.  Even after the presentation, Andrew, our primary contact, has continued to be accessible to our staff and players.


When the system was in place, our players and coaches had a common language and understanding of the mental game and how it applied to our Program.  We have been utilizing these strategies each and every day with no loss of on field practice time, they have helped us become more consistent in our approach to both practices and games, and we also believe that, over time, this process will help our guys become better students, assist them in their future careers, and more.

Jason Thompson

Head Baseball Coach
Alamo Heights High School



Our Team

We have put together a team of experts that have both depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to help you. In addition to being experts in the power of the mind, each member of our team is truly "World Class" in their specific areas of expertise. Together we strive to make you your very best. 

Andrew Francis, CH

andrew francis 

M.A. Sports Psychology specializing in Sports Performance Enhancement

Certified Hypnotist

Conversational and Direct Hypnosis

Former Professional Basketball Player

Kattie Lussier, PhD

kattie Lussier

Certified Hypnotist

Conversational and Direct Hypnosis

Hypnotic Speaking and Presenting

2010 World Champion Free Diver

20+ years in mindset and skills development

Roland Berg, CH

roland berg

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Conversational and Direct Hypnosis

Hypnotic Speaking and Presenting

20+ years teaching the "Winner's Mindset"

Specialty Certifications:

Athletic Performance

Pain Management

Pre- and Post- Surgery

Somatic Healing™ 



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